The Team

Raj Baba (The founder)

My name is Raj...I'm 35 years old. I am of Nigerian descent. And I am also Indian in many ways too (Please don’t ask me how smile). I have a in Economics, and a M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation...I am a life coach and also a social entrepreneur. I relocated recently from the United Kingdom to Ghana cos i think there is a lot i can give to the country - Ghana, and the African continent as a whole.

I have no sets of habit or ideals...I'm pretty much open and spontaneous. I enjoy all types of music; I know how to beat the drum very well, I also play the flute…I like to dance, and I dance a lot too. I'm vegan…yet, I hold no judgment against anyone based on what they eat.

I have travelled extensively, lived in different places, experienced different cultures, so I would say my world view and horizon is quiet broad. My accent is also very dynamic cos it is a blend of British (South London), Nigerian and American, so I have ended up with a confused identity.... read more

Brand ambassadors

The Brand ambassadors

The brand ambassadors comprises of a team of our volunteers and permanent members of the Ecotour Africa group which also includes the founder.

Most of these are young men and women who are black and proud, are resident in Damongo town, and they support the work that we do here. Some of them would be your guide as we visit different places, some others would be helping with basic logistics and general administration in the office, while some others. ... Read more