The Mole National park

The Mole National Park is the country’s premier park for game viewing and perhaps the most important single attraction in the northern region. It was established in 1958 and re-designated as a National Park in 1971.

Covering about 4577kmsq of undulating terrain with steep scarps, pristine guinea savannah vegetation and gallery forest along the rivers and streams, the park is home to almost 93 animal species notable among them being the elephant, buffalo, kob, warthog, waterbuck, bushbuck, roan antelope, hartebeest, duikers, oribi, patas monkey and green (vervet) monkey, while over 300 bird species have been recorded so far….so, If you are a keen bird watcher, Mole is a must!

Aerial surveys of the large mammals have been carried out between 1993 and 2006. Predators in the Park include spotted hyenas, leopards, caracal, civets, genets, jackals and mongooses. Even though there are lions in the park, their population and home range has declined, making their presence and sighting rare.

The Park is protected by a staff of rangers, Mole is a wonderful place to explore the African savannah and bush. Take a safari walk or drive and you’re sure to be swept away by the beauty of this park.