The Brand Ambassadors

The brand ambassadors comprises of a team of our volunteers and permanent members of the Ecotour Africa group which also includes the founder.

Most of these are young men and women who are black and proud, are resident in Damongo town, and they support the work that we do here. Some of them would be your guide as we visit different places, some others would be helping with basic logistics and general administration in the office, while some others are there to help identify, plan and execute some of the social projects we would be embarking on in the community.

You would also discover that many of them are passionate about Africa, they like to talk about their country and culture, some are great lovers of the afrobeat music, some like to discuss politics, while many are great fans of the English football premier league.

Every member of the team is unique in his/her way, however, you would surely come to realize that these guys are one of the warmest and most amazing people you may come to know in a long time.