Special offer

First timer (FT): This offer extends a 3% discount to anyone who is coming on an Ecotour trip for the very first time. This is automatically selected and it applies by itself when you start booking.

Promotional code (PC): Promotional codes are special codes issued out periodically based on an ongoing promotion. It gives a 4% discount. If you got this offer, simply choose “PC” and type in your code to access this discount.

Family and friends (FF): A tour Partner may decide to refer a family or friend. And the family/friend gets a 5% discount. You would need to email us with the referrer’s information and we would issue you a code to use.

Groupie rebate (GR): A groupie rebate can be applied if the booking is done for at least 4 people, and is booked in one fold. This is automatically applied and it gives a 6% discount off.

Tour Partner (TP): Anyone who has been on a tour is a TP, and we offer a 10% discount on your next trip. Kindly email shortly before you book and a code would be issued to you to access your discount.

Eco-volunturism (eVo): If volunteering with Ecotour Africa for at least 6 months appeals to you. Do let us know by sending a mail to hello@ecotourafrica.org. The slots available is limited, however, preference would be given to a Tour partner and their family or friends.

Ecotourism-research (eCoRes): Are you an independent researcher or a student whose core area of interest is Ecotourism? Are you considering a short term stay for between 1 and 3 months to be able to carry out your research work in and around the Damongo community and the National park? You can drop us a mail at hello@ecotourafrica.org to indicate interest and we would get back to you.

Platinum Partnership (PP): Are you a budding travel agent who would like to earn extra income by referring clients to us or are you an established travels and tour business who would like to work with us by simply adding the Ecotour package to your line of business. If yes, do shoot a mail to hello@ecotourafrica.org and we would take it from there.