Ghana has been described by many people as “discovering Africa for beginners”. If you want to get a feel of the African people, especially the people of West Africa. Ghana is highly recommended as the starting point.

The country has a vast array of natural tourist attraction, rocks, wildlife, parks, castles, vegetation formations and lots of waterfalls.

Ghana is a country with a population of about 25million, and it is split into ten administrative regions. The ten Regions of the country are sub-divided into a total of 216 District Assemblies for effective Administration.

All the district capitals are connected to the national electric power grid. There is also water supply, even though not all the places have a pipe borne water system; all the districts are linked to the national telecommunication network. Each region has a fair share of places to see. The beaches along the coastline are such a beauty to behold, with coconut trees dotting the lines.

The national official Language is English; Ghana is a country with a rich cultural heritage, you may discover to your amazement that there are as many as 70 ethnic groups who speak about 11 major local languages, and more than 80 other indigenous dialects within the Country. There are many towns, villages and settlements within the country, yet, you may also discover that each community is unique in its own way.

Ghana has also been nicknamed “the golden child of Africa” because of the stability in the polity, and the peaceful co-existence that is prevalent amongst all the various ethnic groups and foreigners alike.

So, on behalf of every Ghanaian and all the friends of Ghana…we say, Akwaaba!