Q: Why can’t I pay with PayPal?

A: Ghana was blacklisted from PayPal many years ago…unfortunately, most businesses here rely on bank transfer instead.

Q: Is there a payment deadline?

A: Yes please. Full payment is expected at least 14 days before your tour date.

Q: What happens if I don’t complete my payment within the time frame?

A: Your booking may get cancelled, and you would be charged 37.5% administrative fee of the total amount payable for this cancellation…and the balance would be refunded accordingly.

Q: I always feel that low prices mean low quality?

A: That could be correct to an extent in most conventional business settings. But since we are running a social business, we try to keep our overheads to a minimum level possible…and our profit to the barest minimum too, hence, we are able to deliver a quality experience for a modest price.

Q: Why is there no discount for children/minors?

A: We are sorry we just couldn’t get a special rate for children (Age 5 – 17) because the cost of providing all the components of the tour is exactly the same.


Q: Can I adjust my tour date or transfer my booking?

A: Of course you can, you have the option of adjusting your tour date to a future date or transferring your booking to a friend. You would incur an admin charge of 25% of the total amount payable (If request comes at least 14 days before tour date) or 37.5% of the total amount payable (if request comes less than 14 days before tour date).

Q: Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

A: Yes you can, simply ask for your booking to be cancelled, you would incur an admin charge of 25% of the total amount payable (If request comes at least 14 days before tour date) or 37.5% of the total amount payable if request comes less than 14 days before tour date and the refund would be processed and paid out to you.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t show up?

A: Yes you can, simply let us know you didn’t show up. Your booking would have been auto-cancelled. You would incur an admin charge of 50% of the total amount payable for not showing up and the refund would be processed and paid out to you.

Extra cost/Donations/Tips

Q: What are the extra costs involved?

A: We have no extra or hidden cost. The package cost covers everything that is stated and you are not required to make any other payment to anyone here…but you may want to keep some extra cash for your own personal use.

Q: Am I expected to make a donation to places I visit while on tour?

A: There is no donation expectation from you to any organization, if you visit any place and you feel like giving them anything. Make sure it’s something you are doing willingly, and that you are not under any sort of psychological pressure.

Q: Am I expected to make a donation to Ecotour Africa?

A: We do not place any request for donation…by coming on this tour, you have already donated to us…the profit we make is your donation to us and we do appreciate it, this helps to support the work that we are doing here.

Q: Am I expected to tip the brand ambassador?

A: There is nothing really wrong in giving a tip, but you are not expected to do it. However, we do frown at it if the ambassador begins to suggest it.

Q: What do I do if the brand ambassador is asking for a tip?

A: This act is not acceptable to us, and it’s not part of the Ecotour group culture. You can help us stop this by making a report to the host (Raj) during or after the trip.


Q: Are flights included in the tour price?

A. No, you will need to make your own arrangements for international and local flights. We recommend Skyscanner for comparing prices from the vast majority of airlines. You would need to keep departure times and possible delays in mind when booking flights.

Q: Is airport transfer included in the tour price?

A. The standard pack requires that you will have to make your way down to and from Damongo. However, the Standard Xtra comes with the return airport transfer service.

Q: What type of car is used for the airport transfer?

A: It’s usually a Toyota salon car with air conditioning unit. However, if you are making your own taxi arrangement…you may be able to select a different type of car, or even get a cheaper or more expensive deal depending on what you want.

Q: How do I find the Taxi man at the airport?

A: He would be there at the arrivals with a big placard with your name boldly written on it. Kindly keep us updated with all your flight schedules/delays to avoid any disruption or disappointment with the Taxi service.


Q: What is included in the tour price?

A: The tour price includes accommodation for the duration of the tour, airport transfer (For those on the standard Xtra), all forms of transportation which may include car, tricycle, canoe, motorbike or bicycle.  Breakfast, Lunch and dinner would be served and you have access to all the components of the tour without paying an extra penny. On top of this, you will have an expert tour leader to assist you along the way with great tips and handy advice!

Q: Can I come with an infant?

A: We do not advise coming with kids who are less than 5 years old, but if you are in a situation where you cannot avoid that. We would be happy to welcome you and your little one. Please note that having an infant wouldn’t cost an extra penny for the tour.

Q: Can I share the same room with my friend/partner?

A: Every guest is normally booked into their room, however, if you let us know through the “special requirement box” when booking. We may be able to arrange a twin bed room for you and your friend/partner, kindly note this is subject to availability.


Q: What’s the recommended age for tourists?

A: Please note that the tour is recommended for people who are 5 years old and above. Minors (Age 5 – Age 17) are expected to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who accepts full responsibility for them.

Q: What if I am unable to get involved in all the activities?

A: No worries at all…Please let your group leader know if you are unable to step out at any point. This would enable us know where you are, and also how to cater for you.

Q: Do you have tour packages for other areas in Ghana or Africa?

A: Not yet. Our area of focus is the Northern region of Ghana…however, if you let us know about your travel plans within Ghana or Africa. We may be able to advice or even recommend one of our trusted platinum partners.

Q: How come you have no reviews/testimonials?

A: We just opened for business, and reviews/testimonials should start trickling in when people come on the tour.


Q: What do I need before flying to Ghana?

A: For most people…you would need a travel visa, a flight ticket, a travel insurance and some vaccinations. It is mandatory to have a yellow card – a card that shows that you have been vaccinated against the yellow fever before coming this way. We would suggest you check with your travel advisor or the Ghanaian embassy in your Country for more details. 

Q: What type of clothes should I bring?

A: The weather is pretty warm all year round; you would be good wearing anything that makes you comfortable in summer. However, we do not advise you to wear light clothing to the park, as there may be tsetse flies during some of the walks or if we decide to go on a tree hide, and the tsetse flies are able to bite through clothing. A double layer of clothing, long trousers, socks, boots and insect repellent will all come in handy.

Q:  What if I need to get in touch with you from the airport?

A: If you are in the country or at the airport, and you need to communicate with us urgently. Your best bet would be to speak to a staff at the airport, they may help you buy a local SIM card, or give you their phones to use.

Q: Can I make purchases in Ghana with a foreign currency?

A: To avoid the complexities of haggling over exchange rate. We would suggest you exchange some cash to the local currency (Cedis) at the airport or at a nearby bank in town.

Q: Is Ghana a safe place?

A: We would say Ghana is pretty safe and peaceful. We would only suggest as a rule of thumb that you avoid going to unknown places unaccompanied, most especially when it’s getting dark (This also applies to any city anywhere in the world), and please do ask your hosts for guidelines. It could save you from a lot of stress!

Q: What if I feel unwell during the tour?

A: We do have several Chemist stores where you can easily get “over-the-counter-drugs”. In a case where your condition is severe or you simply prefer to consult with a Doctor, we would be here to help you get to the General hospital which is just about 7 minutes’ drive from us.



Admin charge: The amount charged from your deposit for cancelation or amendment.

Amount payable: The quoted price of the tour.

Discount: The amount deducted from the tour price based on a special offer.

Net amount payable: The cost of the tour package or the cost after deducting the discount; this could also be your final amount payable if there is no Surcharge.

Surcharge: An extra amount you have to pay either for airport transfer.

Final amount payable: The total amount you pay after a surcharge has been added or the total amount you are to pay if there is no extra charge.

Special offer


First timer (FT): This offer extends a 3% discount to anyone who is coming on an Ecotour trip for the very first time. This is automatically selected and it applies by itself when you start booking.

Promotional code (PC): Promotional codes are special codes issued out periodically based on an ongoing promotion. It gives a 4% discount. If you got this offer, simply choose “PC” and type in your code to access this discount.

Family and friends (FF): A tour Partner may decide to refer a family or friend. And the family/friend gets a 5% discount. You would need to email us with the referrer’s information and we would issue you a code to use.

Groupie rebate (GR): A groupie rebate can be applied if the booking is done for at least 4 people, and is booked in one fold. This is automatically applied and it gives a 6% discount off.

Tour Partner (TP): Anyone who has been on a tour is a TP, and we offer a 10% discount on your next trip. Kindly email shortly before you book and a code would be issued to you to access your discount.

Eco-volunturism (eVo): If volunteering with Ecotour Africa for at least 6 months appeals to you. Do let us know by sending a mail to hello@ecotourafrica.org . The slots available is limited, however, preference would be given to a Tour partner and their family or friends.

Ecotourism-research (eCoRes): Are you an independent researcher or a student whose core area of interest is Ecotourism? Are you considering a short term stay for between 1 and 3 months to be able to carry out your research work in and around the Damongo community and the National park? Do let us know by dropping us a mail at hello@ecotourafrica.org to indicate interest and we would get back to you. Kindly note that the slots available are also limited.

Platinum Partnership (PP): Are you a budding travel agent who would like to earn extra income by referring clients to us or are you an established travels and tour business who would like to work with us by simply adding the Ecotour package to your line of business. We are open to a platinum partnership. Could you please let us know by sending a mail to hello@ecotourafrica.org