Damongo town

The northwest journey from Tamale brings the visitor to Damongo, the District Capital of West Gonja and the traditional capital of the paramount chief of the Gonjas with the title Yagbon Wura.

Gonjaland has many towns and villages. Every town and village has its own Chief, but the Yagbonwura is the Chief of all the Chiefs…it’s almost like having Governors for every state in a federal system of Governance and then, the yagbonwura being the President. So, Damongo is the town where the “presidential Chief” stays.

Damongo has all the basic amenities anyone would find in a small town such as a Post office, Guest houses, Business centres, Banks, Hospital, Schools, colleges, fire service station, The District assembly, an orphanage, Petrol stations, Police station etc.

More importantly, Damongo is the operational headquarters of Ecotour Africa. The drive from Tamale to Damongo is approximately 2 hours, and the drive from Damongo to the Mole National park is approximately 20 minutes.